I build cameras with Raspberry Pi computers to watch the sky so I don't have to. It's mainly about meteors, but also whatever else happens to pop up. Two cameras report here, and two others report to "Mt. Davidson" in the menu above. Left-hand here is a fisheye lens with a 360-degree view. North is up, West is to the right. Right-hand is a 16mm lens, with a much more zoomed-in view. Right now it's pointed south and about 70-degrees up, to catch T Coronae Borealis, a recurrent nova expected to become naked-eye visible when it goes nova sometime (probably) between now and September. During the day right-hand camera looks pretty abstract; you're seeing zoomed-in clouds and blue sky mainly.

Current Views

Uploaded every few minutes.

Last Night's Images

Keograms show sky conditions minute by minute through the night.

Startrails reassure you that the earth is still spinning.

Animated startrails tell you which way it's spinning.

Timelapses stitch together all the day's images into a short video.

Photo Gallery

A year's worth of keograms, July 2022 to July 2023. It's foggy a lot in San Francisco.